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Academic curriculum at college or university requires a student to work hard and learn a lot of new materials, including learning how to write different types of academic essay efficiently. While it is relatively easy to do academic type of writing like personal essay, compare and contrast essay, reflective or expository essay, but there is a wide range of academic essay that require from students more in depth work and effort. Tough-to-write academic writings include analytical, process, argumentative, cause and effect, critical, and classification essays. Our professional writing services are created with the sole purpose to help students overcome any obstacles on their way to successful college and university completion. Our writing service is built to give students confidence in their written communication and obtain the best grades possible.

Classification Essay Definition

Academic classification essay requires a writer to sort or organize topics, ideas, objects, activities, or people by placing them under different categories. The secret to writing an effective classification essay paper lies in the use of simple steps. First, we strongly advise you to place necessary subjects under “useful” categories (ex. sports shoes cannot include high heel shoes). Second, all categories presented in the classification essay must follow one organizing principle (ex. types of healthy diets, sugar free diets or vegetarian diets). Third, each category should be provided with the strong examples to fit each category.

How to Identify and Organize Categories?

A key step in classification essay is to find the “right” categories to build your writing around it. The primary rule is to place all categories under a logical order. Your essay should start with introduction that includes powerful thesis statement that will introduce the categories you are about to discuss in the essay body. It will also provide the explanation of the classifications. Every paragraph should explore each division or category (i.e. physical exercise, paragraph 1 is cardio vascular workout, paragraph 2 is weightlifting, etc.). Finish up by once again highlighting the main categories, examples presented in each paragraphs and will be closed up with powerful and well thought out conclusion.

Classification Essay Topics

  1. Marketing: 5 categories of audience levels.
  2. Health: classification of physiological diseases.
  3. History: classification of historical events in US, Canada, Europe, etc.
  4. Geography: countries classification (population, territory, economy, etc.)
  5. Movie: classification of movies.
  6. Literature: folklore classification.
  7. Classification of gods in ancient Greece.
  8. Diets.
  9. Popular water sports or winter sports.
  10. Educational system classification.