30 Best Controversial Essay Topics and Samples

Greatest controversial essay topics and samples for college students

30 Controversial Essay Topics

Controversial Essay Topics that will Impress Readers

  1. Internet makes the world a better place, doesn’t (does) it?
  2. Civil union can (not) be a substitute to official marriage.
  3. Boys shouldn’t (should) get their manicure or pedicure done.
  4. Girls should not (should) ask boys for a date.
  5. Teachers should (not) lower grades for undone homework.
  6. Parents should not (should) be allowed to access their kids’ Facebook.
  7. People should not (should) be interested in private lives of politicians.
  8. Age should not (should) matter when it comes to a relationship.
  9. Facebook should not (should) be allowed to share users’ personal data with police.
  10. English should (not) be the only official language in the USA.

Controversial Essay Topics that will Rock Your World

  1. Children under age 16 should (not) be allowed to work.
  2. Video games provoking violence should (not) be allowed for sale.
  3. All people should (not) consider becoming vegetarians.
  4. Islam phobia isn’t (is) an issue in the United States.
  5. Courtroom cameras should (not) be used.
  6. Violence is (not) effective way to resolving conflicts between the countries.
  7. Men should (not) have the right to stop abortion of their child.
  8. Employers should (not) be allowed to use lie detectors during the interviews.
  9. Same-sex couples should (not) be allowed for legal marriage.

Controversial Essay Topics that will Make Others Change Their Minds

  1. Same-sex couples should (not) be reviewed for legal child adoption.
  2. HIV-infected person should (not) be allowed to keep their decease secret.
  3. Prostitution can (not) be legalized.
  4. Online pornography should (not) be banned from the Internet.
  5. Employers should (not) use genetic screening.
  6. Women should (not) receive the same salaries as men.
  7. Single mothers should (not) be provided with housing from the state.
  8. Single parents should (not) obtain governmental welfare.
  9. Women should (not) receive a greater maternity leave support.
  10. Teachers should (not) be rated based on academic scores of their students.
  11. Smoking should (not) be banned.