25 Strong Persuasive Essay Topics

Examples of Persuasive Essay Topics as well as detailed explanation on how to select them.

25 Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive essay writing is an exciting process that involves a lot of logical analysis, research and application of your writing skills. College and university professors may have their own vision of the persuasive essay that’s why it is crucial to follow their expert advice. While persuasive essay may resemble the argumentative essay writing styles, these types of academic essays are different. The difference is that persuasive essay doesn’t require to be as “bold” or controversial as argumentative essay that initially provokes a passionate discussion with an attack on alternate point of view. Yet, it is vital to present a believable argument that readers’ audience will more likely support and see as convincing in persuasive essay.

Persuasive Essay Planning Tips

When Planning a Persuasive Essay, consider these simple yet important academic writing steps:

  • Choose your firm position towards selected topic. When you write about the issue, find appropriate steps or solutions that you can offer to solve the problem.
  • Have a solid knowledge of the purpose of the academic essay.
  • Do in depth analysis of your audience (determine whether the reader will agree, be neutral or disagree with your position).
  • Research your topic to provide convincing evidence and make sure to go beyond the level of your knowledge, expertise or experience.
  • Structure your writing according to the rules of academic essay writing style.

Convincing Topics for Persuasive Essay Writing

  1. Should reporting in healthcare be mandatory?
  2. How meat consumption influences the health?
  3. Should the use of marijuana be legalized?
  4. Overreaction to cholesterol.
  5. What are the dangers of disposable diapers?
  6. Plastic surgery: has it risen to the a level when it exceeds a good sense?
  7. Should we further promote TV violence?
  8. Should there be stronger limitations and laws on illegal immigration?
  9. What are the consequences of gasoline tank leaks?
  10. What should we choose traditional books or eBooks?
  11. Should organ donation after death be more encouraged?
  12. How does teenage pregnancy affect the future of mother and child?
  13. Should working women have more special privileges?
  14. Has freedom of press gone too far?
  15. What are the dangers and consequences of steroid use?
  16. Should public financial education be mandatory?
  17. Should all citizens get health insurance?
  18. Private space traveling: should it be encouraged?
  19. Does the expansion of the Internet lead to the further death of newspapers?
  20. Are Alcoholics Anonymous effective?
  21. What are the benefits and the consequences of home schooling for enabled children?
  22. Should surrogate motherhood be supported and encouraged by law?
  23. Should death penalty be abolished?
  24. Should we encourage mandatory recycling to save the environment?
  25. The impact of social networks on younger generation.