Great Research Paper Topics and Samples

Best Research Paper Topics for USA College and University Students

Good Research Paper Topics with examples

When it comes to selecting right research paper topic for your academic subject, many students find it stressful. Yet, we believe that dealing with challenges during your academic studies helps to build your character and add up to personal determination to achieving your academic goals, which is extremely important in career building. Admitting the fact that the process of writing a research paper is time consuming is vital because then you will be able to schedule more time for your research paper.

Many college professors suggest finding a topic for your research paper that will initially sustain your interest lasting for the whole duration of the writing project. Our professional research paper writers advise not only to select a topic that is relevant to your life, but also that is interesting for the readers. Another piece of advice is choose a topic that you know very little about and work your way up by doing research, learning something new and strengthening your academic essay writing skills.

Tips on Finding the Right Research Paper Topic

  1. Select a topic that you have personal interest in.
  2. Choose an idea that you know very little about.
  3. Train your essay writing skills.
  4. If you have questions, we are here to help you.

Research Paper Topic Availability

When coming up with a research paper topic, some students find themselves to be ‘stuck’. They think that there are no exciting topics left to discuss. But starting with broadening topics will be a good plan of actions. After finding some critical and most engaging research paper ideas, it is easy to narrow the topics until you find a perfect one for yourself. Good research paper topics include:

  1. health
  2. education
  3. psychology
  4. business
  5. environmental sciences
  6. communication
  7. politics
  8. current events
  9. arts
  10. criminology

Good Research Paper Topics

  1. Acid rain
  2. Child adoption
  3. AIDS or AIDS/HIV testing
  4. Alcoholism
  5. Anorexia nervosa
  6. Birth control
  7. Body Piercing
  8. Budgeting
  9. Bilingual education
  10. Bulimia
  11. Capital punishment
  12. Censorship
  13. Child abuse
  14. Date rape
  15. Ebonics
  16. Feminism
  17. Gambling
  18. Home schooling
  19. Immigration
  20. Juvenile justice
  21. Ku Klux Klan
  22. Learning disabilities
  23. Medical Marijuana
  24. Nuclear energy
  25. Oil spills
  26. Plastic surgery
  27. Recycling
  28. Sex education
  29. Tax reform
  30. United Nations
  31. Violence
  32. Water pollution
  33. Zionism